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     J Richard Knapp is an internationally recognized American author and speaker from the Pacific Northwest. Knapp is a 

Notes From J Richard Knapp

    In our first book of The Book of Kati series, our intention was to focus on introducing our main characters and the first day in middle school.  The main character (Kati)  is confronted with the wanting to change her look which leads her to become the target of a bully. This book has been a best seller in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Classroom teachers everywhere have loved it.

     Seventh grade at Archibald Hunter Elementary School was nothing like Kati imagined it would be. She had always thought living in Tiny was boring. Life would never be boring again. Since school started her world had been turned upside down with ghosts, legends, first crushes, new best friends and great old friends. It all started with her new look and the almost silent click of a cell phone camera and now things would never be the same again.

Book Details

Pages: 203

Ages: 11-14

Grade Level: 5-8

Fiction:  Relationships, Self-Help, Friendship, Growing Up, Social Skills, School Life, Girls, Women, Action, Adventure
ATOS: 5.2

AR: 7


retired educator (teacher, elementary principal). His education includes degrees from the University of Oregon and Boise State University with specialties in early childhood and reading. 

     Knapp is internationally recognized as a leader in education, bully prevention, and an author of many tween and young adult fiction books. Each of the author's books represent family values and relevant to today's lives of our youth.
     J Richard Knapp is the Founder and CEO of Stop-Bullies.com, Magpye Publishing,and KnappStory.com.

J Richard Knapp Charities
     Knapp has served as a community volunteer most of his adult life to help children in need. The author's first significant efforts occurred in 1975, when he designed and organized a summer sports program for boys and girls in his community.
     J Richard moved his family to Oregon in 1978, where he immediately began volunteer work with children in poverty. His own experiences with poverty as a teen constantly motivated his efforts. Knapp founded a non-profit organization in the mid 1990's which focused on children in two categories. The first targeted children in poverty by providing coats and shoes for the needy. The second area was children and teens dealing with cancer. The non-profit organization continued its work for over a decade and is now a community program.

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