J Richard Knapp

Galaxy 7 Book Details

Pages: 200+
Ages: 13 - Adult
Grade Level: 6 and Above
Fiction: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance
ATOS: 6+

Imagine the end of the Earth is looming in the near future and mankind is faced with the horrible task of searching for a new home - then ask yourself 'who will live and who will die'... Oh yeah... and then there is the thousand year romance between Jaya and Alexander that spans the centuries!


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Galaxy 7

A Snippet of Galaxy 7

          A moment later, everything was dark and eerily quiet. Alex took another deep breath and scanned the darkness out the window. His eyes widened as a young woman about his age unexpectedly appeared out of nowhere halfway between the barn and the house with her fists locked tightly against her hips. The girl’s long shimmering silver hair flowed sideways in the wind. Her dark ebony-colored eyes seemed to be focused directly on him peeking through the curtains as if she could see Alex in the kitchen.  
          For a moment, Alex was taken back by her stunning beauty. The young woman was wearing an iridescent full body suit that appeared to be constantly changing in colors with knee-high silver boots molded tightly to her legs and feet. A strange brilliant blue-light seemed to fan out in every direction from the bottoms of her boots.
           “Alexander,” shouted the young woman impatiently. “I haven’t got time for this!” She clenched her fists even tighter and narrowed her dark eyes.
          “Who are you?” shouted Alex from behind the closed kitchen window. “What do you want?” He shook his head back and forth, realizing there was no way she could possibly hear him in the house behind the closed window and all the noise outside.
          “Of course,” shouted the young woman back, “I can hear you!” While appearing to be floating about a foot above the ground on the blue-light.
          Alex thought, “How did she do that?”