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Battle of the Books Competition

Some homeschool parents do not know that their children can compete in this competition. I would encourage to go to the Battle of the Books Competition website and consider it.

January 31 Science Lesson

Tomorrow night... Tuesday... pay attention to the night sky right after sunset. Venus, Mars, and our moon will align in the southwest sky to make a pretty cool triangle.

This is the perfect lesson to work on your questioning skills from the above chart!

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Dear Homeschool Instructors,

     Although I have been a public school teacher and principal for over three decades, I have worked closely with many homeschool families through the years to provide any assistance possible. My background in early childhood and reading have proved a valued asset helping families educate their children at home. My sincere hope is that I can provide assistance to each of you.

     Last... I have visited many children across this country, but find that contacts through media sources such as Skype actually work best for me at this time. I totally love talking with young people about writing and my own works. 

Setting Up A Google Alert

Setting up a Google Alert is an effective technique for monitoring the internet activity in relationship to your child. This technique notifies your email when your child’s name, nickname, email, phone number etc. is mentioned on the internet. I recommend a parent set up multiple alerts through this link:


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Birds of Spring

Some parts of the country have groundhogs to determine the coming of spring, but not in Western Oregon! Each spring the turkey vultures migrate from the tropics back to Oregon to signal the beginning of spring. In the fall, these large birds return to the tropics to give birth to their young. This week I saw the first vultures flying in the skies overhead. Spring is here!

Robotics Competition

Here's a great idea for homeschool families! Create a robotics competition for young people in your community.  Be the leaders/organizers. Make sure that it is open to everyone.  There are a number of designs listed on the internet. I suggest you find the design that best fits your situation. 

If you have no idea where to start with HTML Coding, just give me a contact. I had my 10 year old grandson well on his way in just a short time.