Follow the first adventure of eleven year old twins, Samantha and Nick, as they discover a secret hidden from the world for over a century - a mystery filled with secret codes, people who are not what they appear to be, and a discovery beyond the imagination. AMAZON

bobby's story


BOOK of codes

arch of the pixies

truth's lair

The bully's attacks were almost unbearable... Bobby's Story, is a story of teen courage and the power inside each of us. The character, Bobby, is constantly reminded of his grandfather's powerful words of life, "Wrong is wrong - no matter how many people do it, and that it only takes one person to speak out for what is right - The Power of One!"  AMAZON


Arch of the Pixies, is the story of a Hannah, a young girl, who moves back to her grandmother's house over looking a bay on the ocean with her parents and twin brother. The story follows the adventures of the twins as they soon discover the secrets hidden in their old house. AMAZON

What would the governments of the world do to keep this secret? The real question is... What wouldn't they do? Travel back to 1945 across enemy lines into Nazi Germany where Lieutenant Matthew Sanders leads a mission to locate and remove one of the Nazi s most powerful super weapons hidden in a remote hangar.